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Atlantic Peptides is a manufacturer of synthetic peptides and supplier of polyclonal/ monoclonal antibodies. We are dedicated to supplying to the life-science industries as well as to academia, both nationally and internationally. With the increased focus on peptide therapeutics, we offer a complete solution to the pharmaceutical industry by supplying peptides for pre-GMP research studies through cGMP manufacture.

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Custom Peptides

peptide chain

Atlantic Peptides provide custom synthesized peptides for the production of antibodies and labeled peptides for assay development. We also provide high throughput screening and cGMP peptides for use in clinical trial experiments.


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Peptide Synthesis

At Atlantic Petides, we employ a range of methods to evaluate difficult peptides before synthesis.  In doing so we can successfully deliver peptide projects faster.


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Peptide Libraries


Overlapping peptide libraries can be used for linear and continuous epitope mapping. The original peptide can be subdivided into many overlapping fragments.


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Our difference:

We offer high quality peptides at a fair price, and our analytical instruments (Quality Control) are checked and calibrated weekly with both internal and external standards. It is our pledge to provide you with excellent customer service.  We can help you start a research project and provide the needed support all the way through the cGMP process.

At Atlantic Peptides, we place our customers as the focus of everything we do.